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Learn the musical skills I’ve used on 5 Grammy Nominated albums, tours around the world with the Count Basie Orchestra, and award winning compositions.


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Kris Johnson, creator and curator

Kris Johnson is an award-winning trumpeter, composer, and educator. He has appeared on an impressive list of albums including five Grammy-nominated releases. The most recent is the Grammy-Nominated Concord Jazz album “All About That Basie” from the Count Basie Orchestra that features three of Kris’s arrangements for big band. Currently, Kris Johnson is an Artist In Residence at the University of Utah where he served as Director of Jazz Studies from 2015-2019. 

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"I've sampled a lot of other popular blogs, videos, podcasts, and courses that are available for musicians online. I can say that Office Hours is unequivocally the best I've come across. The videos have been created carefully and aren't just talking heads - they often include real-time notes and a keyboard roll, which are incredibly helpful to a visual learner like myself. Combined with the aural elements of the videos and Kris's concise and clear explanations, I think this is a best-of-all-worlds learning situation."
"I love that the topics are portioned out into bite-sized pieces which help prevent overwhelm. There's so much good stuff available in there, but my favorite are his shed sessions, which answer the age old questions "What do I practice?" and (even more elusive) "HOW do I practice?" Having the short videos is so helpful, as you can rewind and literally practice alongside a master at your own pace."
"I've had the privilege to study with Kris Johnson privately, and I have to say it changed the way I both think about and practice music. Not only is he a brilliant player who actually has the skills and experience to back up what he preaches, but he is able to explain concepts in the clearest way I have ever experienced, allowing fast and focused growth. When I say he was launching his online education platform, Office Hours, I immediately subscribed."

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